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Hello and welcome to NASCAR Season 2003 rank. We hope you'll enjoy your stay and compare your NASCAR racing performance to some of the world's best drivers. Feel free to look around our site, try out the various features, but most of all, have a good time.

If you encounter any problems using this service please do not hesitate to contact us at

Latest News
NRank team interview in A.S.S. 06/2005 2014-01-22

Kinda late notice - but NRank was featured in the issue 06 of the Auto Sim Sport (no longer online available :/)

Offline due to network problems 2005-06-03

The last two days the ranks where offline due to network problems on the way to the server. Everything is now back as it was before and we hope it stays so.

Handicap for Redline GTP 2005-04-17

Joachim Trensz created a new handicap for NRank using the Redline GTP mod. As usual it is quite challenging and you can find the replays for the laps on his homepage:

New URL for NRank 2005-03-29

Thanks to Uwe Schürkamp, we have now a new URL for the rank:

Today The Rank Moved To A New Machine 2005-03-18

The Rank has moved to its new home. Please report errors to the admins - of course we hope there are none ;)

Preliminary support for Redline GTP 2005-01-25

For now there is no difference for the cars. You can just upload any of your four recs files in the upload screen and the rank will use this times. if you want to compare different cars with your friends, the easiest way to do so is creating an individual profile for each car in the NRank.

Even More Replay Checks 2004-07-08


We've done random checks recently across the board and have run into actual cheating of various sorts in positions around 15 or some such. Someone tried to register Cloudy 40∞ replays under a Clear 70∞ ID, someone else shortcut dramatically, yet someone else had clearly too high grip values, things like this.

Also, especially on tracks where shortcutting is possible, many people failed to submit replays when asked to do so, despite the fact that their laps were very recent. This makes us think they had the replay but didn't want us to see it - probably because they were shortcutting...

In the near future there will be further steps to prevent cheating and help our admins to do their job. So if you do not have a replay for a top 20 time on a track, do not waste our and your time and do not upload those times. We are aware, that enforcing replays might handicap people with slow uplinks, but having a world record for a track should be worth it. After all this is still a gentlemen sport and childish and stupid cheating attempts do not belong here.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

Rank Changes 2004-05-14

We changes some of the tracks that are used for the GNS and CTS handicaps.
Rick Boyd drove the new times. The changes are like this:

  • GNS: dropped Gateway, Homestead 2k3 PWF replaces Homestead, Nashville SS DX replaced Nashville PWF, Milwaukee PWF replaced Milwaukee, Lowes Night added
  • CTS: dropped Gateway, Homestead 2k3 PWF replaces Homestead 2003, Mansfield PWF replaced Mesa Marin, Atlanta replaced South Boston
The handicaps for both ranks are removed. Please upload again and your rank will be calculated new.
Also Lime Rock Twist v4 replaced v2 as it is not longer downloadable. The times are moved to v4. Please use v4 from now on.

Roadtwo instead of Roadone in the Master Series 2004-01-23

Due to some trouble with the Roadone versioning and the problems within the game to save the times there, we have decided to use Roadtwo: Rattlesnake Point instead for the TransAm Master Series. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Changes in the handicaps for TransAm 2004-01-17

As there are new RC released in a amazing rate we decided to add more of the new tracks to our handicaps (also by public demand).

The All Road Tracks is already a huge handicap, so we decided to move the easier/faster tracks into a new handicap TransAm Speed Challenge that makes it easier to get a first handicap and we added some of the new tracks to the All Raod Tracks to fill the gaps.

Kudos to Joachim Trensz for the idea and the laptimes!

Latest Tracks
Bristol Night BR details
0.5m Short Oval

Martinsville Resurfaced details
0.526m Short Oval

Circuito D' Milano details
6.2m Road Course

Martinsville Nextel 06 details
0.526m Short Oval

LasVegas 07 details
1.5m Super Speedway

Download tracks

Nations Cup
Spain -52.952
Brazil -49.189
Japan -47.597
Suisse -43.946
Russia -40.727
Poland -40.724
Finland -37.353
Hungary -34.359
France -34.148
Scotland -28.539
Portugal -26.378
South Africa -24.717
Germany -18.926
United Kingdom -17.322
Sweden -11.939
Italy -11.422
Denmark -10.605
United States -3.326
New Zealand -1.188
Netherlands 7.278
England 9.541
Australia 12.727
Austria 22.576
Canada 30.076
Argentina 46.222
Belgium 60.538
Top Handicaps
  Winston Cup Tracks  
1 Thomas Cazorla -91.063
2 [GC]FernandoRees -88.095
3 Daniel Schön -86.778

  Grand Prix Legends Tracks (Winston)  
1 Rick Boyd -114.959
2 Roland Rauch -103.373
3 Andreas Gaida -97.396

  ICR2/NL Road Courses (Winston)  
1 Andreas Gaida -12.291
2 Rick Boyd -11.431
3 jpalesi 16.133

  Busch Series Tracks  
1 Pekka Tyni -21.858
2 Matxer -16.285
3 Rick Boyd -14.900

  TransAm Master Series  
1 AchimT-70Clear -39.655
2 David Sirois -26.120
3 Pierre Fabre -23.639

  TransAm Speed Challenge  
1 rusty greer -35.608
2 David Sirois -33.633
3 Roland Rauch -24.225

  Craftsmen Truck Series Tracks  
1 [GC]FernandoRees -25.502
2 Matthias Wien -24.821
3 Anthony Michel -21.763

  Redline GTP Series  
1 AchimT-70Clear -41.685
2 Lieuwe Nicolai 67.937
3 Al Sandorff 76.050

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