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the FAQ

  On this page, we hope to answer some of the common questions that people have addressed to the admin mailing list over the years. If your question is not answered here, feel free to drop us a line at

What is this thing?

Basically, this site allows you to compare your N2002 performance and lap times to hundreds, if not thousands of other drivers from all over the world. Simply create a player if you haven't done so for "Grand Prix Legends" or "Rally Trophy", upload your playrecs.ini and you're all set.

The add user form doesn't make sense at all...

Yeah, I see your point. However the form was designed primarily for GPLRank, so please bear with us. We hope the comments in the rightmost column make it clear what values to enter even if you're not a "Grand Prix Legends" addict (yet), so go ahead and put any interesting information about yourself in the comments box.
How can I remove warp times from the playrecs.ini file?
Open the file using a text editor of your choice (wordpad or notepad will do) and find the section that contains the track name in square brackets. Remove the offending entry, save the file. You can then drive a couple of laps on that track to get a "new" laptime. Then, resubmit the file in the usual manner.
I think someone is cheating! What can I do?
Taken from the GPLRank FAQ: " There's a saying to the effect that "Never attribute to malice what can be equally attributed to stupidity." Most weird and unbelievable lap times are caused by clock smashes during online play and much less by people actually trying to cheat. After all, what good would it be? At GPLRank, we employ a large number of volunteer administrators so that each and every player and his or her relative speed is a least known to one of them. Should the driver then come up with some unbelievable improvement there's a good chance that our administrators will notice and send a nice mail to the person in question. Believe it or not, sometimes we even get mail from people who think their ranking is too high and kindly ask us to wipe the times from the database. With the huge majority of N2002 players, you'll find Gentlemen both in on- and off-track behaviour.

What's definitely not allowed: Railriding, shortcuts etc, you get the idea. If you think your new personal best has been achieved to unclean driving, please do not submit it to the rank. If your times are suspiciously good we might even choose to delete them.

Bottom line: If you think someone's not playing fair, send a mail to the address listed above and tell us what you think is going wrong.

What's a handicap?
Andre Schmidt and Andy Wilke were kind enough and drove hard all day and night to provide "realistic" benchmark times for N2002. It is their laptimes that are used in order to compute a handicap for your laptimes. That means that the total sum of their laptimes is subtracted from the cumulative sum of your laptimes, and the result is stored in the database. it gives you a general idea of where you stand in the world rankings, which tracks you need to work on by means of back-2-back comparison and so on.

All lap times were achieved in 70F Wind 0N using the "fast" setup, so if you think about cheating by playing with the environmental settings or whatever, forget it. You're only cheating yourself.

What about the laptimes for Grand Prix Legends tracks?
The laptimes for the original nine tracks of GPL are the handicaps used also by GPLRank. Those laptimes were achieved by some betatesters and programmers of the original game, and replays of these laps were included with the game.
Can I use other setups than the "fast" setup? How about changing weather, drafting etc?
Uwe comments: "my thoughts are that the benchmark times should provide a reasonably difficult benchmark for the beginning N2002 driver. They aren't there to be unsurpassable, but should pose a challenge and a way of orientation how you fare against other drivers.

Just comparing your times to others is fun, but "going negative" is even more fun and lets you recognize instantly how "quick" or patient a driver really is.

I would never ask people to submit only 70F/no weather hotlaps. Once I get my qualifying times complete we'll set up a qualifying handicap which should give a much better indication of a driver's skill than the current one, but of course you'll still have the problem of changing weather and / or setups.

These cars in the page headers are beautiful! Where can I get them?
The cars shown on various rank pages are those the admins like to drive online, so when you meet them on Sierra, you better beware ;-) The Mandrake car (#67) is Uwe's car, but actually a paintjob by John Simmons of RASCAR fame.

The other admins might choose to disclose their cars, too, but of course I cannot speak for all of them!

ridcully: black number 42 with chuck on the hood

While uploading there is a massage that a track is missing on NR200XRank! How can I help to add it?
All tracks in the rank have to be setup on our side first to be able to upload times for it. Submitting the needed informations to us is quite easy. Check the submission form for new tracks here:
Questions? Comments? Send mail to!
Last update: 2004/04/03 06:07:30.737 US/Eastern
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